• 01The first Spanish garlic trademark of premium quality.
  • 02The first Spanish garlic trademark of premium quality.
  • 03The first Spanish garlic trademark of premium quality.
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After more than a half century of activity, in PROACO we work during each harvesting season on one of the biggest garlic cultivation surface in Spain, after positioning as one of the benchmarks in the country as for as garlic production is concerned.

In this way Panther Garlics® born, a Spanish garlic trademark of superior quality, commercialized with a selected and distinguished presentation of an exclusive design, and offering a service to the client which guarantees his 100% satisfaction.

However, in order to offer by Panther Garlics® this high quality level it is necessary to implement the best standards and quality controls. And beside that, to include a delicate handling process using traditional methods during which each of our operators pamper the product quality at all times.

Only in this way, Panther Garlics® guarantees the complete demand satisfaction every day all the year long, keeping an optimum quality which remains intact since the moment when the garlic is harvested and stored in our facilities until it is placed at the customer's disposal on the market. Therefore, we've established different processes which assure a perfect traceability, combined with a thorough cold conservation and with an exquisite product preparation, and which place at client's disposal one of the best garlic in the world.

Panther Garlics® is available in different presentation and packing formats: