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In PROACO we've pledged our commitment to the innovation as one of the most important values. It motivates us to continue working in order to offer those products which the current market requires, and where the organic garlic is on the rise and is one of the most demanded products.

Conscious of this commercial context, we've created Ecological PROACO®, our own trademark of 100% organic Spanish garlic, which certifies and guarantees all its benefits and natural properties, all this through sustainable and organic farming.

Our production of organic Spanish garlic is completely and exclusively our own one and it's obtained through 100% organic farming, that eliminates the use of chemical products and artificial fertilisers and uses only some alternative and effective technics which at the same time consolidate the activity that protects natural resources and preserves essential nutrients both in the soil as in the product.

Ecological PROACO® is available in different presentation and packing formats: