• 01PROACO® Agricultural Producers › 250 gr. Buti Mesh.
  • 021Panther Garlics® › 250 gr. Piña Mesh.
  • 031San Antonio® › 500 gr. Buti Mesh.
  • 041Ecological PROACO® › 250 gr. Piña Mesh.
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In PROACO we're aware of the importance to serve our products and trademarks maintaining high quality, that additionally implies to offer them providing an exclusive and prestigious image.

Therefore, we carefully pack all our products and trademarks in perfectly labelled meshes with different options and weights in order to obtain a suggestive and attractive commercial presentation.

PACKING TRADEMARK › Panther Garlics®
PACKING OPTIONS › 250 gr Buti mesh.
500 gr Buti mesh.
Ask for other options.
250 gr Piña mesh.
500 gr Piña mesh.
TRANSPORT › The meshes are being packed in the respective model and box size.