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  • 03Making history since 1960.
  • 04Cultivating experience for more than 50 years.
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  • 07Continuing generation after generation.
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It's touching to remember and go back to the beginning when everything had started. Although before we continue I would like to introduce myself; my name is Antonio González Luque, and I was the one who planted the first seed 50 years ago.

I have to admit that the PROACO's history would be impossible to relate without telling the history of a family, my family. If there is one thing of which I may be truly proud it's what we have achieved thanks to it.

I'm sure there may be endless ways of writing who we're as a company, but the best way which it occurs to me is to summarize it with our history, the true one. | Read more +

Once there was a man named Antonio González - your narrator -, a native of Cordoba settled in the town of Cabra, in Spain, who in the year 1960 started to cultivate traditional and green vegetables on barely more than 4 hectares. During the following 20 years he wasn't doing anything else than dedicating his life to developing his knowledge and experience in sowing in order to be able to offer the highest garlic quality.

In the year 1980, his two sons, Antonio and Francisco González, joined together and the company got transformed into a family. During a decade they were working side by side from morning till night in order to establish their position among the most important Spanish agricultural producers and exporters of one of the best garlic in the country.

In 1995, they continued their expansion, and enlarged the number of plantation hectares. In that way, they multiplied the production volume and considerably increased the number of new clients.

During the following 15 years up to now, PROACO is established as one of the greatest and leading agricultural production company of this sector which has been constantly growing till it has occupied one of the largest extension of the garlic cultivation surface in the country. And all this, not forgetting to preserve the most important thing; to maintain the family always united, the loyalty to all its clients and the highest quality in each of its products. | Read more +

After 50 years of working the land, one is proud of having succeeded thanks to the fact to remain close to the most important people in his life. For that reason, we continue working with the same energy, so that the PROACO´s family goes on generation after generation.

Hereafter, I would be glad to continue sharing some more details of our history. About our facilities, our production processes and, of course, especially about everything that embraces the quality in each and every one of our products.